The Most Dangerous Part of Working on a Garage Door

Spring replacement is one of the most hazardous repairs to perform on a garage door, especially for someone who isn't trained. This is because the springs are under a lot of tension, which means you could suffer a life-threatening injury if you don't use the right tools and procedures. It's easy to forget that the garage door you use every day could pose a real danger to your safety if not properly installed and maintained. In 1990, Congress passed safety regulations to address this same issue.

Though things have improved, installing garage doors in Cicero is still something that should not be taken lightly. Most garage doors weigh around 200 pounds and the torsion springs they work with are under immense pressure. When it comes to home values, garages typically increase the value of residential and commercial properties by at least 4%. As a result, many families and businesses are looking for properties that include garages, leading to an increase in the number of accidents involving garage doors. Garage door accidents are responsible for between 20,000 and 30,000 injuries each year.

The garage door is one of the most dangerous parts of the house and is responsible for several dozen deaths each year. Most of the victims of these deaths are young children. If you decide to do the work yourself, remember that you can fall and things can fall on you. In addition, DIYers working on a garage door can suffer cuts, bruises, bone fractures, eye injuries and even electric shocks due to not having the right tools, parts and experience. Most garage doors have torsion springs, and the force of the garage door lock causes the heavy torsion spring to roll up.

If an inexperienced person attempts to perform a repair without proper tools and training, they can be seriously injured when a spring comes loose. In the end, you'll spend more money trying to fix it yourself than it would have cost to call a professional garage door repair company. The most effective way to avoid getting locked in your garage is to regularly inspect your garage door springs and replace them as needed. When someone tries to repair a garage door in their house, it's usually because they don't want to pay for the service. Fortunately, most of today's garage doors are equipped with automatic sensors that detect when a person or object is in the way of closing the garage door.

It's not easy to balance a faulty garage door in the right position while trying to repair it yourself. When opening or closing the garage door, make sure that nothing blocks the tracks or the path to the garage door. You can make sure that your garage door is reversed when it's supposed to by trying to hold it as it closes. Never try to replace garage door springs yourself as they are one of the most expensive and dangerous parts of the garage. Proper maintenance by a certified garage door specialist can not only save you money by preventing costly damage and repairs but also prevent a malfunction from causing serious accidents.

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