Why Have Garage Door Prices Increased?

The cost of raw materials, such as wood and steel, has been on the rise since early March, resulting in a 22% increase in the price of garage doors starting April 1.The more doors you need, the higher the cost. The most economical option is usually a single garage door that spans the width of the garage entrance, followed by double garage doors. Custom garage doors will be the most expensive. The Paso Robles family business, Hamon Overhead Door, has seen their material supply decline, leading to longer wait times for almost all of their products.

This includes garage doors and parts, such as springs and garage door openers. John Burns Real Estate Consulting reported that garage doors have a more complex supply chain than windows, HVAC and plumbing fixtures. If you need a custom-sized garage door, it can cost much more than standard sizes. The exact time it would take to install a garage door opener depends on your current garage configuration and the opener's compatibility with your current system.

The ripple effect of global events has caused prices of raw materials needed for garage doors (and many other home improvement projects) to continue to rise. The New York Times reported that an American builder said it takes 20 weeks to get a garage door, or what it used to take to build a house. The most common type of garage door is a sectional door with hinged panels that is rolled onto a guide, but retractable, tilt and roll-up models are also available. If you've never worked with garage doors before, it's best to hire a professional to complete the installation for you.

Below are six of the most common materials used for garage doors, the prices you can expect from an 8-foot x 7-foot door, and a brief summary of the qualities of each. Prices for garage doors fluctuate depending on demand, supply and the cost of raw materials. Having a working garage door is essential to get the most out of your garage. The material from which a door is made has the greatest impact on the total cost of installation, since some materials are more expensive than others.

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