How to Open a Garage Door Without Power from Outside

If you find yourself in a situation where your garage door doesn't work after a power outage, don't panic. Most modern garages come with an emergency unlock kit, a system installed in the garage that allows you to open the door manually from the inside or outside. While most automatic garage doors cannot be opened without a power supply, electric garage doors can be opened manually from the inside and outside. To ensure safety, make sure the door is in the down position before attempting to open it.

To open the door manually, first release the emergency cable that hangs from the car. Then unlock and hold the door facing up until it is fully open. If you have read your garage door manual, you will know that this part serves the same purpose even though it has several different names. When there is no electricity, it can be difficult to open the garage door.

To make this process easier, there is an emergency release kit that can be used in cases such as power cuts, problems with the operation of electrical mechanisms and when you want to switch to manual opening. This system is installed inside your garage and allows you to open the door manually both from the outside and from the inside. However, even in this process, there are small safety tips that will help you not get hurt or break your garage door. In case your door does not work when the electricity returns to normal, you must disconnect it from the electricity and wait for about 30 seconds.

Pulling this cable will activate the release mechanism that is installed inside the garage, which will put the door in manual mode. If you ever feel uncomfortable with the weight of your garage door, ask for help or contact a professional. The principle of opening garage No2 manually is to keep the long cable in the house, not in the garage. This is mainly due to misalignment, damage, or blockage of the garage door guide; it can be a serious problem when trying to open the garage door without problems.

To prevent water from entering your garage, install an automatic garage door opener with a battery backup feature.

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