What Our Clients Say.

We  strive to form excellent long term partnerships with our clients. Here are some of their comments.

“Artis were able to make sense of our business needs and the data and provide expert advice on how we could best integrate our current systems with new technology.”

– Maja Castricum, HR Operations and Projects Manager

“We didn’t want to bite off the entire CRM, our small team needed to accept the new tech and wouldn’t if all seemed too hard. We had a limited skill level dealing with new software, so we needed to make sure we brought in functionality that added value to their role and overall business benefits.”

– Amanda Old, Head of Sales and Marketing

“We chose to work with ArtisGroup due to their reputation, and ability to design and develop a forward thinking solution built on the latest technology. Artis was able to move fast to transfer 15 years of customer data to a secure cloud environment and build a new front end for the application.”

“Working with Artis has been a pleasure. They combine technical skill with commercial acumen and were a flexible partner in our Dynamics environment.”

“Trust in our partner was key to Selecting ArtisGroup. The advice, care and attention provided by ArtisGroup prior to, and during the implementation was second to none.”

“ArtisGroup was a clear choice coming into this project, with a demonstrated understanding of our needs and coming in with the right attitude and approach for the solution. Project delivery was also completely in line with our expectations.”

“Artis were efficient and on the ball, working with us to get it done! They helped determine what would work best for us and were driven by our vision for the system.”
– Daniel Sargent, Business Development Manager Enterprise

“Artis were very nimble, responsive and delivered on time. They understood our business needs and could translate those requirements into technical expertise.”

– Matthew Redmond, Operations Manager, Engineering Construction & Maintenance

“We went from limited visibility to full traceability and optimised productivity within weeks!”

– David Chambers, National Sales and Marketing Manager