Microsoft Information Management and Teamwork

Intranet portals. Chat and video capabilities.

The Microsoft Information Management and Teamwork solutions provide capabilities for access to company-wide information through intranet portals together with chat and video teamwork capabilities

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is the foundation for an organisation’s intranet. Have sites for every project team, department, and division. Share files, data, news, and resources. Access via the team portal. Customise your site to streamline your team’s work. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organization, across desktops and mobile devices.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, bringing together everything a team needs – chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

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