Future-Proofing Your IT Applications

It’s vital that you have the right IT architecture in place so that all your IT applications are integrated seamlessly, giving you a much easier path to convert your data into insightful business intelligence

Technology that makes sense

The Microsoft 'Cradle-to-Grave' Business Eco-System glues all The Jigsaw Pieces Together​

Used by millions globally, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Eco-System is a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of Customer Engagement (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), along with Business Intelligence, Productivity Applications and Artificial Intelligence.

The Artis business model is based on working collaboratively with organisations, both big and small, to ensure that they successfully navigate their way to success when selecting, installing, customising, implementing and using any and all of the pieces of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

The Microsoft 'Cradle-to-Grave' Business Eco-System glues all The Jigsaw Pieces Together​

Backed and Supported by Artis

Microsoft's fully Integrated Eco-System
based on the Dynamics 365 Platform++

Business Management (ERP)

Managing company, finances, production, supply chain and operations

Supply Chain

Customer Engagement (CRM)

Sales and Marketing – Turning Prospects into Customers and retaining them as Customers

Customer Service
Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Engagement

Information Management

Providing rapid access to internal company information easily, from anywhere


Business Communication

Facilitating online interaction amongst team members


Reporting and Analytics

Unlocking powerful competitive information from raw data

Reporting and Analytics

A Selection of Australian Dynamics 365 Customers

0 %
of fortune 500 companies use power platform
0 %
of fortune 500 companies use Dynamics 365

Source: Valto

Integrated CRM and ERP

Doing More, Faster With Less

Combining both CRM and ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates them with Azure as well as the Microsoft 365 Productivity suite. Uniquely, this means that companies can use a single, integrated Microsoft based platform right across the business.

To provide decision-makers with pertinent and actionable information available when they need it, each module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps business enterprises control, process and analyse operational data generated during the course of ordinary business. A company can choose the right modules from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to satisfy their unique business needs. Application modules can be added and subtracted as needed, and access can be authorised to anyone from anywhere

And More than CRM and ERP

Power, Collaboration and Insights

For modern businesses, operating in the age of digital transformation, the ability to process transactions, collect data and manage business decisions using an integrated system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide a competitive advantage. As a cloud-based system, businesses can leverage artificial intelligence (AI), pattern recognition, data visualisation and other digitisation tools to gain insights into business operations that might otherwise remain hidden.

To help application developers within a business enterprise integrate functions across the organisation, Microsoft has also included a suite of applications known as Power Platform. These applications allow businesses to visualise data, identify trends, and communicate that information across the organization. There is also a module that automates data processes and another module that developers can use to create virtual agents.