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CRM Integrations

Increase sales velocity while driving CRM adoption

Add more value to your existing systems

Deliver sales content, training resources, and meeting prep tools directly into CRM records. Seismic’s native apps for Salesforce, Dynamics, and Oracle, let you get everything done – quicker and more efficiently.

Improve seller's productivity and performance with Seismic + CRM

Predictive Content

Discover inline, context-perfect content recommendations for your specific buyer and sales stage. Recommendations become more precise as the platform gets to know you better.

Seismic Integrations with CRM - Predictive Content
Seismic Integrations with CRM - Opportunity Personalisation

Opportunity Personalisation

Produce personalised, relevant content in minutes, with automated integration of buyer and seller information and other relevant data. Deliver final, customised content to buyers, right from your CRM.

Storage and Collaboration for CRM

As you’re working in CRM, save content straight to a folder contextually associated with the record. Even invite non-CRM users to collaborate. Everything stays clean and organised, and you always know exactly where to find in-progress content for any opportunity.

Seismic Integrations with CRM - Storage and Collaboration
Seismic Integrations with CRM - Training


Discover contextually relevant training for each record, and discover training content paired with predictive sales content recommendations and assets from the library.

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