Increase your chances of turning Prospects into Customers: Interactive Marketing Content

Get the right story to the right buyer, every time

Stories that compel action

The modern buyer expects a personalised experience, supported by relevant content. Organisations’ content strategy and platforms therefore need to align your people and technology to efficiently deliver on that promise, so your sellers can move faster and win bigger.

We go beyond marketing automation, basic reporting, management of marketing assets, personalisation, and brand protection – we have a solution that:

  • Tells you how to measure the Content ROI
  • Manages your sales content
  • Automates document creation
  • Distributes content to sales

Pipeline velocity matters

Targeting to fill the top of funnel is where most of the marketing spend is made by organisations, however, by focusing on speeding opportunities through from top of funnel to closed, this is where the gains really bring the growth i.e. converting lad counts into revenue. Getting data to assist both Marketing and Sales to yield more from top to bottom has often been the hardest to access.

By focusing on taking Leads from the top of the funnel, Sales Enablement tools such as Seismic work for the benefit of both Sales and Marketing to:

  • Provide a guide rail to have Sellers adhere to the customer journeys as provided by Marketing,
  • Provide Sellers with content that is personalised specifically to the Buyer within each opportunity, and
  • Return invaluable insights that relate to the individual Opportunity for the Seller to utilise, as well as aggregated insights for Marketing to assess whether content is resonating across the entire Buyer landscape.

The formula is simple: Get the right story to the right buyer, every time.

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Industry-leading sales enablement platform

Seismic is the only sales enablement platform that empowers your teams with the tools needed to close more deals. Marketing collaborates, automates, manages, and distributes content from one place. Sales Enablement and Operations delivers those materials, training, and analytics to the right teams. Sales and Channel teams have access to a library of content that feels like it was personalised just for them and for the deal they’re working on right now.

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Make your Microsoft Office Suite even more powerful

Make it even easier for your teams to build, edit, and collaborate on sales content in real-time within the Microsoft Office tools they use today. Seismic platform not only integrates with the technologies you use every day, it enhances them.

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Unleash the power of content without leaving Salesforce

How do Seismic and Salesforce together help sellers?

Having content at their fingertips means that sellers don’t waste time searching for it in other systems, are able to easily personalise and collaborate on it, and have greater visibility into how it’s being used — which leads to greater sales velocity.

How does the Seismic integration for Salesforce work?

Seismic is embedded in Salesforce pages so it’s always accessible. The predictive content engine uses data from Salesforce objects — like leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities — to identify the best content for a given situation. Seismic records what content the seller sent in the record’s activity history and makes engagement analytics available.

Seismic Salesforce Integration