We Call them Launch Solutions for a Reason

We Call them Launch Solutions for a Reason

We’ve all been there: juiced up on the best of intentions and a few spare minutes so we search the web and find a solution the looks like it fits our business needs. You smile as you find they offer a Trial and think “Fantastic, I’ll spend a few hours testing this out.” You provide your email address to get things moving.

And then reality sets in

Somewhere in the next hour or so, you hit a snag; whether it be difficulty understanding the tool, or you realise you need to go and find your ABN for the 13th time this week, you get up to make yourself a coffee vowing to return and give this thing “a good crack”, but as life often plays out, something distracts you. “No worries,” you think, I’ll come back to it tomorrow. After all, I’ve got 30 days!

Over the ensuing days, the trial bombards you with emails reminding you “not to forget me”, and again through the trials of life, 30 days arrive and you either get sucked into paying to continue or you let it drop; either way, your business problem remains unsolved.

If the above sounds familiar, it’s not just that many of us (including me) have been through the above, but it’s something we heard from our clients. This is not a failure to stop procrastinating, just the reality of our busy lives, and let’s face it: we’re more interested in growing our business than playing with new toys (albeit fun).

Software trial confirmation

Meeting the demand of a strong recovery

In October 2020 as we started to see the first breaths of business looking to not just recover but recover strong, we (Artis Group) saw a steady increase in businesses who:

  • Had gone through the above in trying to get core business solutions such as CRM or data analytics in place; or
  • Acknowledged that they wanted to avoid the cycle and just wanted help to get up and running so they could meet the needs of the forecast demand they too were seeing as the wheels of our economy started to turn.

Our bundled services solutions get you started

Artis Group had introduced the concept of bundled solutions around 12 months earlier to meet the demand of these types of requests but with a new wave coming, we revisited our products thinking we could offer these time-poor companies a single solution to take the “kinks” out of the process, and get them working asap.

We had the skills to reliably and repeatably set up some of these common business solutions, we had the right people to train and mentor these leads, and we could even set up and manage the licences for these customers. What we needed was a name.

Why did we choose Launch!

Dragging out the thesaurus, playing around with concepts such as “rapid” or “booting”, we came across Launch. For the team “at the table”, we visualised the Launch process on rockets as being the first part of a longer journey.

For the crew of a spaceship to get moving, they need the help of a Launch rocket to get them into orbit and on their way. Relying on the launch team, the crew gets to where the real action starts. Likewise, our Launch solutions provide the team to get you up and running.

Are you ready to Launch Microsoft Dynamics 365?

We’ll deal with getting you off the ground then leave it in the capable hands of your crew. Following the logic of the diagram below, don’t risk the fatigue and potential failures of a tiresome start, let us get you there, fresh and ready to run your business.

ARTISLAUNCH gets you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts On-call

Be smart. Avoid wasting time and ask for help: ARTISLAUNCH gets you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts On-call.