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A selection of the challenges that we assist our clients around are noted below. Select a challenge for additional information and to reach out for further information.

The Internet has provided the ability for us all to research and discover everything from  our next best bathroom colour right through to our next technology choice. As with any big choice we make, seeking advice from trusted advisers is a prudent way of not just confirming your choice but also using an external expert to disrupt or discover constraints or issues that while small may fundamentally shape your final choise.

Artis has helped many business’ through the technology selection process of vie their Roadmap engagements. Roadmap engagements are general 2-4 weeks in length and provide an opportunity to have our consultants work with your direct in confirming that your needs will be met by your target technology. We’d like to think that you’ve been heading down the right path, but are also pleased if we’re able to be the final voice in avoiding a costly incorrect selection. Roadmap engagements come including access to the technology you are seeking to review along with a support period as you trial the experience in the real world. 

Sales and Marketing teams have a traditionally difficult ride within an organisation. Marketing is under constant pressure to provide meaningful marketing collateral for their Sellers to engage their Buyers; but once the collateral is in place the questions start to bubble 1) Are the Sellers enabled to and being compliant with providing the content in the right manner to the Buyer and 2) even if they are, is the content getting traction with the Buyer ? Without effective metrics, pressure ensues on Marketing to just “provide better” collateral in the hope that something will stick with the Buyer, all the while the business continues to question the increasing spend on marketing and seller resources.

The key to success lies in the adoption of Sales Enablement as a mindset, a concept that focuses on the measured and managed process from content production, distribution and management right through the sales lifecycle.

In 2019, Artis became Seismic Software’ first partner in APAC to provide the platform and services to introduce Sales Enablement into Australian organisations seeking a better way to improve sales through real-time measurement, and business intelligence. Through our Foundation for Sales Enablement service our Sales Enablement focussed consulting team can introduce you to and within 4 weeks have Marketing and Sales activities monitored and measured allowing you to adapt and pivot faster than the competition.

In 2018 Microsoft introduced Business Central as its premium ERP for small to medium business. Business Central builds on the ease of use and integration with the rest of the Microsoft family making implementing, learning and using the software a low impact, high value change to your business.

Artis has helped many business’ take on Microsoft technology as the core of their company. We ourselves believe in the technology so much that from 2020, Business Central will become the heart of our business. The ArtisGroup Business Central team is comprised of a mixture of qualified accountants as well as experienced functional and technical consultants providing into your organisation the right mix of business and tech to provide a capable, well scaled offering.

“We went from limited visibility to full traceability and optimised productivity within weeks!”

– David Chambers, Rogers Willex

Your organisation systems produce enormous amounts of business data daily; however, access to the wealth of information contained in the data is often limited to the vendor’s standard way of reporting. Business users are left in the need to manually export, copy, paste and merge this data on a regular basis to get the actual view the organisation needs.

Microsoft Power BI provides organisations with an accessible way to reach the underlying data from multiple systems to bring the data together in the desired way. Artis has assisted numerous business in unlocking their data through varied engagement types including end-to-end setup delivery, road-mapping and mentoring to enable staff to learn and develop reporting needs into the future independently.

The Microsoft Power Platform, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 provide a raft of approaches for the migration of legacy solutions (often data centre bound) into a cost effective, flexible application platform that can scale and change with your organisation.

Artis has assisted numerous business make the transition from locked into applications onto flexible dynamics solutions.

Whether via a fixed price ARTISASSIST or Agile ARTISACCELERATE engagement approach, reducing corporate risk around legacy applications is not only achievable but often comes with a faster Return On Investment (ROI).

Customer data is the backbone of an organisations operational core; yet it is often the most neglected and exposed part of the operational landscape. Many companies rely on Excel, and Outlook to initially get business started quickly. But as business grow and scale, these methods come unstuck… quickly. Ineffective management of customer data not only leads to ineffective communication but also expose your organisation and customer to data security breaches; costly and legally risky side effects.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a “ready to go” approach to take your organisation to a robust, cloud-based, secured way of managing your customer data assets effectively. Artis offers solutions aligned with your needs and budget; from initial guidance as to best practices, implementation and user enablement.

“We didn’t want to bite off the entire CRM, our small team needed to accept the new tech and wouldn’t if all seemed too hard. We had a limited skill level dealing with new software, so we needed to make sure we brought in functionality that added value to their role and overall business benefits.”

– Amanda Old, Head of Sales and Marketing, Prowler Proof

Microsoft Office has been a staple for the implementation of tools to quickly and accurately “fill the gap” on specific requirements where off the shelf tools just don’t fit the need or are just too expensive in solving the problem. Artis commonly becomes a part of these engagements in a support capacity to assist clients in ensuring that rapid solutions are “best practice” but also an making sure that staff can maintain these (often) business critical solutions longer term as opposed to relying on IT. Via ARTISASSIST projects to build, or ARTISADOPT services to have our consultants upskill your team, we stand by Microsoft Office as key part of your toolkit.

“Artis were able to make sense of our business needs and the data and provide expert advice on how we could best integrate our current systems with new technology.”

– Maja Canticum, HR Operations and Projects Manager, AON Australia

Microsoft Office 365 is too often seen as Microsoft’s movement from the traditional “CD-ROM deployment” to an online deployment tool. Whilst this is certainly a part of the rationale, Microsoft Office 365 delivers a whole new suite of tools and ways of working in a cloud-based world; often referred to as the Modern Workplace. Too often this means that while organisations have moved to Office 365 they’ve missed the opportunity to know and access tools that truly change the way a business works; even better these tools are included as part of your subscription, you just need the help of others in the know to explain and unlock these features for the best use of your business.

Artis provides several consulting services around Office 365 from bespoke workshops through to longer term strategy development and implementation projects to ensure that your Office 365 is just not “kicking the can forward” as opposed to inspiring and actioning real change.

“Artis was a clear choice coming into this project, with a demonstrated understanding of our needs and coming in with the right attitude and approach for the solution. Project delivery was also completely in line with our expectations.”

– Water NSW

Whilst collaboration relies on effective communication between people, collaboration can be supported and bolstered using appropriate tools. In the same way in which Facebook and other Social Media platforms have fundamentally changed the way in which we engage personally, many organisations remain chained to email; a technology that has its place but is often an ineffective approach to rapid response and real-time collaboration.

Microsoft Office 365 includes several technologies to break the shackles of email offering a more vibrant style of communication within the business. Artis has assisted organisations such as Water NSW in helping to understand and get a strategy in place for the most effective use of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools specific to your needs.

The transition from upfront (CAPEX) to subscription (OPEX) services has been a key outcome of the cloud revolution. Similar to the shift in consumer spending (Netflix etc.) organisations have largely shifted and structured their cashflow around the predictability of monthly fixed fees.

Artis via their ARTISASSIST support services are unique within the consulting sector in bringing monthly, fixed price support agreements to your cloud services. Priced according to desired service levels and scope of services Artis offers numerous services to meet your needs with certainty to your cashflow. Our service agreements are backed and managed via our regular, Australian based team of consultants who you often trusted to get your initial business solution in place.

“Working with Artis has been a pleasure. They combine technical skill with commercial acumen and were a flexible partner in our dynamic environment.”

– Coates Hire

Artis has operated a successful staff augmentation capability for over a decade across Australia. We have assisted different sized companies to fulfil resource needs from within our own internal resources as well as an extensive network of contracted labour.

ARTISENGAGE solutions offer flexible options for your organisation including short term (as short as a month), long term arrangements.