Roadmap for Sales Management

Is it time to get greater visibility of your customer engagement and help your sales team to be more successful?

Your success in Digital Transformation begins with clarity on the desired outcome

If you want to explore this with an experienced consultant who has helped organisations streamline their sales activities and demonstrate immediate success, then the Roadmap for Sales Management is right for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides Lead and Opportunity Management combined with the power of optimised Customer Engagement

Effective Sales Management requires effective data, including lead and opportunity status, sales stage, sales velocity, with a complete picture of all customer communications. This enables your salespeople to personalise the sales process, providing a more effective and successful sales operation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides Lead and Opportunity Management
Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a highly configurable and customisable solution

Whilst Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a highly configurable and customisable solution, every business has its own journey including:

  • Confirming that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales meets the widest possible sales requirements,
  • Identifying where your organisation’s business processes can be defined and optimised using the features of Dynamics 365 for Sales,
  • Devising an approach to data consolidation and migration,
  • Understanding and identifying the most effective licencing for your user roles and operations.

Artis Roadmap Engagements provide confidence

Roadmap engagements offer a consultative, high-touch and collaborative experience, providing confidence in your decision to make Dynamics 365 for Sales an integral part of your Digital Transformation.

Our Roadmap for Sales Management provides the method to assess and address Dynamics 365 for Sales in full for your organisation.

Artis Launch

In this engagement we will

Work with You

to gain an understanding of key issues and drivers that have led to Dynamics 365 for Sales being selected as a sales management candidate.



the current state of your organisation that may impact, constrain or assist in a planned Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation.



current systems and any related business or technology pain points that are being experienced.



an agreed vision for the role that the Dynamics 365 for Sales will play in the future.

The result is a Roadmap Report which provides clear recommendations to reach your desired future state.

This includes:

  • a proposed work breakdown,
  • a projected cost forecast,
  • and change management considerations.


The results are formally presented so that business stakeholders are aware of the key findings and anticipated costs.

Roadmap Report

ROADMAP for Sales Management includes a Dynamics 365 for Sales Azure tenant with two user licences free for a period of 1 month. ARTISGROUP will provide any assistance required during this time. This provides you with a safe environment to become familiar with the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Customer requirements will vary, so for more information and a quotation, please contact uswe’re ready to help.

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