Kick-Off for Dynamics 365 Sales CRM

Your new CRM … Up, flying and being used within a week.

Experiencing any of the following issues?

Launching Dynamics 365 Sales with an Artis Kick-off is the way to get going

  • You need help to fully understand how Dynamics 365 Sales can drive more business when setup and used properly with a focus on being able to store and easily access all the important information about every customer, prospect and contractor.
  • You know that your current staff will be able to manage Dynamics 365 Sales but you require an expert to set it up properly and get it working. It’s also imperative that your own team members learn parts of the Dynamics 365 Sales set-up to ensure that key skills are passed on. 
  • You don’t have the skills to incorporate change management and training into the Dynamics 365 Sales implementation. Turning to a trusted advisor who can answer all Dynamics 365 Sales related questions seems like the best way forward. 
  • To ensure a good foundation for the future business growth and evolution, effortless collaboration and better productivity, Dynamics 365 Sales adoption is needed ‘yesterday’ and you can’t spare the right skills from your internal team.

Often the best way to grow a platform is to get in and start using it.

As with all the Kick-Off engagements, Kick-Off for Dynamics 365 Sales offers a low cost, low risk way to get Dynamics 365 Sales CRM in place with the right amount of training to get you moving.

Kick-Off for Dynamics 365 Sales offers a low cost, low risk way to get Dynamics 365 Sales CRM in place

Sometimes the best way to grow is to kick off

To help you get your Dynamics 365 for Sales up and running fast, we will:

Stand Up

Stand Up

Set up a templated SharePoint Intranet site with 5 users and set up the critical core business information.



Train you on performing any required data migration.

Coach & Mentor

Coach & Mentor

Enable your users by focusing on what they need to get moving and include 4 hours of personal follow-up coaching.



Start with 5 initial licences for your organisation ( 1 month free is included in the cost).



For a period of 1 month we will provide support under the Artis Caretaker support program.


As an added bonus we will give you a close-out session: a workshop to establish best practices for your best way forward.

An Artis Kick-Off focuses on completing the critical work to get you started with Dynamics 365 Sales

Once your Dynamics 365 Sales becomes the core of your sales efforts, ARTISGROUP has a full range of additional services that can be quickly accessed for your further growth and success.

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