Foundation for Sales Playbooks

Seismic Software Implementation Services

Get a rapid implementation of Seismic software into your organisation

Delivered utilising ARTIS’ Accelerate methodology, this engagement delivers a fast-paced operational foundation focused on establishing an initial base module for improving Sales engagement levels with your sellers.

What is Seismic?

Seismic is a market-leading Sales Enablement solution that provides a platform for both Marketing and Sales to store, personalise and auto-generate selected pieces of content.

This platform allows both teams to optimise their internal processes and increase overall Customer Engagement levels through functionality.

SEISMIC is a market leading Sales Enablement solution
Seismic's features help improve customer engagement

Seismic platform features

  • Granular Search Functionality: Content Properties
  • A centralised DAM: Conveniently house all marketing and sales collateral
  • LiveSend: Send collateral through SEISMIC or Outlook and track what customers are reading in real-time
  • LiveDoc: The ability to auto-generate and hyper-personalise documents to a customer, based on their specific business needs.
  • Pages: The ability to create (from a blank canvas), a landing page where the most relevant content to an individual is surfaced based on their role within the business.
  • Auto-suggest Machine Learning: Integration with SEISMIC and CRM will engage your sales force by suggesting relevant content based on an opportunity’s lifecycle stage within the sales cycle.
  • Data and Analytics: Assess what content is most receptive amongst your customer base and sales personnel.

Our tried and tested solution to get you running Seismic

ARTISLAUNCH Foundation engagements are an exciting new approach over traditional IT projects offering a consultative, high-touch and collaborative experience in an agile minded business world.

Artis Launch

In this engagement we will



to consult, collaborate and prioritise your digital needs;


to rapidly deliver the needs;


to provide initial enablement to your staff allowing them to be operational as quickly as possible.


What you get

DAM Repository
A working Seismic Portal able to be used as DAM repository for all Marketing and Sales Content (Taxonomy only included in Foundation for Content Manager)
Bespoke Properties

Establishment of bespoke Content Properties

Content Profile

Construction of 1 working Content Profile


Construction of 1 working LiveDoc

Construction of up to 2 Sales Playbooks (built using Pages)


Customer requirements will vary, so for more information and a quotation, please contact uswe’re ready to help.

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