Listen, Adapt,

Our experience has taught us that the best results come about when together, we work towards long term solutions, rather than continually having short term reactions.

Our Services Models

At Artis, after many years of refinement, we’ve now got a set of Five Services Models that we think enable us to cover all the needs of our customers when they collaborate with Artis for their business/application modernisation projects.

The Models comprise complete sets of service offerings from Artis from the time our customers first decide to consider a new project through every step of the journey to completion and then through support for the life of the systems.

Project feasibility, design, implementation, coaching and mentoring, testing, implementation, ongoing support and ad-hoc assistance are all covered by one or more of the Models.

  • artislaunch
  • artisaccelerate
  • artisadopt
  • artisassist
  • artisengage

Maybe it’s smarter and less costly just to ask for HELP right from the get-go.

ARTISLAUNCH! – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts on-call

“It’s impossible”, said Pride. “It’s risky”, said Experience. “It’s pointless”, said Reason. “Give it a try”, whispered the Heart.

ARTISLAUNCH! is a set of Bundled Solutions to get you started with and/or to validate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment.

  • Our aim is to provide you with Faster Investment Payback.
  • We’ve constructed three sets of Bundled Solutions drawn from our experiences working with hundreds of customers that have asked Artis to help them start projects the right way.
  • Let us know where you are in your project and we’ll advise the Bundled Solution that is right for you.
Artis Launch

ARTISLAUNCH! comes in three different Bundles – KICK-OFF, ROADMAP and FOUNDATION


“We’ve just signed up for Dynamics 365 but we’re awfully busy on other things right now. Can you help me to confidently get something up and running quickly? Yesterday will be soon enough.”

KICK-OFF is perfect for customers who are time poor and who need to get a basic version of the Dynamics 365 solution up and running quickly and to start using it ‘under fire’ as quickly as possible. Bundle includes 5-user 30-day licence and support.

Kick-Off Bundles


“I am interested in having an experienced Artis consultant work through a process of confirming the viability of my proposed Dynamics 365 solution before proceeding any further.”

With a ROADMAP services bundle, you’ll get an expert second opinion on your Dynamics 365 choice.

  • We will work with you to understand the current state of your organisation that may impact, constrain or assist in a planned Microsoft solution implementation.
  • We will analyse current systems and any related business or technology pain points that are being experienced.
  • We will document an agreed vision (the “RoadMap”) for the role that the Microsoft solution will play in the future. It will include
    • a proposed work breakdown,
    • a projected cost forecast for implementation of your Dynamics 365 choice and 
    • change management considerations.

RoadMap Bundles


“My company has made the decision to fully embrace the Dynamics 365 solution. This will be a huge step for my business – real digital transformation. Lots of changes. The business is committed to success. I want to work with Artis experts who have travelled this road before, who can guide me through the maze, who can make sure that the highest value features are surfaced first and who will support me at the other end.”

With a FOUNDATION services bundle, you’ll work alongside a Dynamics 365 expert who’ll make sure that you get the best ‘bang for your buck’ right from the word “go”.

  • We’ll spend time listening to your story and understanding and documenting your business requirements.
  • Over a four-week period, together we’ll plot and prioritise the best way to implement and use Dynamics 365.
  • We’ll build the backlog wish-list of all the business requirements and determine which are the highest value features to surface first.
  • Where appropriate, we’ll also facilitate a Change Management workshop to identify all the business process changes that need to be made.
  • We’ll install and deploy the Dynamics 365 software and together we’ll deliver a working solution specific to your business.
  • Depending on what Bundle you choose, your Bundle includes up to 15 user/12-month Dynamics 365 licences and 365-day support.

Foundation Bundles

LAUNCH! By Microsoft Product

When You Need an IT Partner for the Long Haul.

When you need the services of a trusted IT Systems Implementer to work with you to get your Digital Transformation project completed on time and within budget.

It’s a long-term relationship with a trusted IT Partner providing the full IT System Life-Cycle of services.

The Artis solutions will leverage the awesome power of the Microsoft Eco-System (and other relevant solutions) to help you successfully streamline and automate the required business processes while creating a single view of the information relevant to each user’s role within the organisation.

Move to the Cloud; modernise away from tired, legacy applications; intelligently organise your information; use analytics to gain competitive advantage; improve coordination among team members; and effectively meet the needs of your people, the business, your customers and all your other stakeholders.

The ARTISACCELERATE Systems Implementer model is a fourfold one –

  1. collaborate with the business stakeholders to analyse the business requirements and design a solution to match;
  2. source and package the right solution from the vast portfolio of solutions in the Microsoft Eco-System that suits the business today and, importantly, into the future;
  3. integrate the pieces with bespoke customisation as necessary (e.g. tailored UI/UX, specialised reporting, industry-specific modules) – test, set-to-work and coach/mentor;
  4. manage the implementation of each element of the solution so that the end product completely satisfies customer expectations and is delivered on time and within budget.

When we can, we’ll use the Lean-Agile method to deliver the solutions to the business. We’ll target ‘bite-sized’ issues first, keeping disruption to a minimum. Problems are solved and solutions are delivered in easily digestible segments – and much faster at less cost.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

It’s about Users becoming Proficient with Your New Technology. How? By Coaching and Mentoring.

Many digital transformation and application modernisation projects fail because the human side of the equation is ignored. It pays little if your staff, your greatest asset, are left out of the mix.

True business change is driven by people. When your business changes, your staff need new skills. They need upskilling. And traditional training tries to cram as much knowledge in the shortest possible time.

With ARTISADOPT, we try to enable your staff to use new applications and new technology by mentoring them to understand and not to attempt just to ‘rote learn’. Our workshops are collaborative and interactive, giving attendees ownership of the software and outcomes.

As stories are the most powerful tool for human learning, we use scenarios based on user stories, specific to your business situation, to make the software and process relevant and intimate.

There When You Need Us

ARTISASSIST provides you with ongoing support from the Artis Customer Service team.

For ongoing application support, we offer subscription-based support with different support packages – Essentials, Caretaker and Concierge – each catering for the different levels of service.

Incident response times are covered by fixed Service Level Agreements and small application change requests are also accommodated based on the chosen package.

Not only will you have a trusted source to whom to turn when you need a problem solved but we’ll also be pro-active in letting you know when new features are available that may provide you with productivity improvements and/or increased competitive edge.

We know that every company is not the same and we’ll work with you to create very flexible support packages to meet your demands.

Seasoned, world-class practitioners to augment your own team

Through ARTISENGAGE, organisations engage with Artis when they need their IT Projects delivered on time and on budget and when these deadlines cannot be achieved with their current internal resources.

We offer a roster of professionals who have the skills to professionally work with your own teams to deliver a broad range of software and services based on the Microsoft platform/stack. This includes expertise in Business Analysis, Solution Design, Application Build/Implementation and Customer Experience.

Artis consultants speak your language so there is no time wasted ‘training up’ or bringing them ‘up to speed’ on your systems or software applications.

The ARTISENGAGE model offers specific skills for a specific time or a specific project.

Look to us for seasoned, world-class practitioners to augment your own team.