Listen, Adapt,

Our experience has taught us that the best results come about when together, we work towards long term solutions, rather than continually having short term reactions.

Our Engagement Models.

At Artis, we’ve built a set of tools and offerings that we use to deliver an array of application modernisation projects – and isn’t every project aimed at modernising the way a business operates?

Utilising our partner’s suite of cloud-based business applications as the foundation for our offerings, we’ve helped many hundreds of companies boost and broaden their use of technology to minimise costs and maximise profits.

Over the years Artis has adapted out engagement models to meet the evolving needs of our clients, as they’ve informed how they best want to work with us. Often this means approaching projects in an incremental manner as opposed to a “big bang”, large contract approach preferred by most technology providers.

Cloud Computing. Business Efficiencies.

Rapid advances in telecommunications have provided ample bandwidth to support applications in the Cloud rather traditional on-premise. It’s become cheaper and more secure in the Cloud. Just choose the right Cloud application from the thousands available and if you need a reference, just ask the Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest cloud service consumer.

Getting the most appropriate business applications to the Cloud does require some planning, but once implemented properly, the benefits to your business will start to flow.

We can help you get there. We’ll work with you and explain what’s got to be done to move from on-premise to the Cloud. We can design, test and implement the Cloud migration together, including loading of data, so that you’ll have the skills after we’ve gone. We’ve got many successful Cloud implementations under our belt.

Rapid Value Delivery.

Application modernisation, digital transformation, DevOps, big data, analytics, machine learning, and more. The technology landscape is changing faster today than ever before. If you don’t keep up with a strategy of constant refinement of your applications, your competitors that do will eat your lunch. Just ask anyone in the retail sector if this is true.

It’s the job of Artis to keep abreast of all the latest trends so that we can provide an end-to-end service to our clients.

Using the Lean-Agile method to deliver applications to the business, we target ‘bite sized’ issues first, keeping disruption to a minimum. Problems are solved and solutions are delivered in easily digestible segments – and much faster at less cost.

ARTISACCELERATE projects are designed to be delivered with your team being a part of the project, an approach not only beneficial in ensuring you’re across every decision, but more importantly meaning your team is learning as a part of the experience; imagine a project where your team are empowered and ready to go at the end of the project.


Enablement Academy.

Digital transformation and application modernisation projects will fail if the human side of the equation is ignored. It pays little if your staff, your greatest asset, are left out of the mix.

True business change is driven by people. When your business changes, your staff need new skills. They need upskilling. And traditional training just tries to cram knowledge in.

What we try to do is to enable your staff to use new applications and new technology by mentoring them to understand and do not just ‘rote learn’. Workshops are collaborative and interactive, giving attendees ownership of the software and outcomes.

As stories are the most powerful tool for human learning, we use scenarios based on user stories, specific to your business situation, make the software and process relevant and intimate.

Build, Enhance, Customer Service.

We know that our Lean-Agile approach doesn’t work every time in every business. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you’ll ask us to use the more traditional approach, the Waterfall Method, to deliver and implement projects. That’s fine too.

ARTISASSIST comes in two flavours – one for developing applications and one for their ongoing support.

For application development, we can start with a complete application specification, developed by you or by us, then build, implement and deliver finished applications on either a Fixed Price or Time and Materials basis.

For ongoing application support, we offer subscription-based support for agreed applications, with different support packages – Essentials, Caretaker and Concierge – each of these support packages cater for the different levels of service each customer requires. Incident response times are covered by fixed Service Level Agreement, for fast resolution of business and technical issues. Small application change requests are also accommodated based on the chosen package.

We know that every company is not the same and we can create very flexible support packages to meet your demands.

Talent Solutions.

Through ARTISENGAGE, organisations engage with Artis when they need their IT Projects delivered on time and on budget and when these deadlines cannot be achieved with their current internal resources.

We offer a roster of professionals who have the skills to professionally work with your own teams to deliver a broad range of software and services based on the Microsoft platform / stack. This includes expertise in Business Analysis, Solution Design, Application Build / Implementation and Customer Experience.

Artis consultants speak your language so there is no time wasted ‘training up’ or bringing them ‘up to speed’ on your systems or software applications.

The ARTISENGAGE model offers specific skills for a specific time or a specific project.