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 It’s a very difficult task to meet the service level expectations of your customers and employees when your IT applications are old and creaking at the seams.

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“We still have customer records on spreadsheets. But we are in the process of licensing Dynamics 365 Sales and we need an expert to help us ensure that we start using it correctly by shielding us through early hurdles.”

“We’ve got an existing Accounting System that’s reaching the end of its life. We need help moving my aging Accounting system to Dynamics 365 Business Central.”

“We’ve got an existing CRM system but it’s not integrated into my other Microsoft business applications. We need an expert to work with us to make sure that our plan for migration to Dynamics 365 Sales contains everything for success.”

“We need a system to better manage my stock levels and lead times so that I can keep on top of all replenishment issues.”

“Before we start our journey with Power BI, we’d like to spend some quality time with a Power BI expert who can help us understand how to get maximum value from it before we dive in head-first without any experience.”

“We think we need the help from an expert who can install Dynamics 365 Sales and configure it properly (including all data migration from existing systems. In addition, we’d then like the expert to stay and work with us through mentoring to make sure that we use it correctly and we get it accepted right throughout our organisation.”

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“We know we need to overhaul my aging on-premise IT systems and we’re looking for an IT Partner work through the options with us.”

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“We’re preparing a complete systems specification for a major upgrade to our IT systems and we’re looking for IT Systems Implementor to bid for the business.”

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“We need help understanding and creating a Roadmap to get all our data from all disparate sources together in one place so that we can get consolidated reporting with actionable insights.”

“We’re migrating to the complete Microsoft Eco-System (Azure, Office, Dynamics, etc). We need a Microsoft Partner that can provide the full Application Life-Cycle services.”

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“We’re starting an IT modernisation project and we need additional skilled resources.”

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“Were a Dynamics 365 user and we’d like to get a better level of Support on a fixed monthly fee basis.”

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“We’re already a Microsoft Office 365 User and we want some help to set-up a company-wide intranet for easy access to company information.”

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