Saunders partners with Artis to rebuild productivity with SharePoint renovation

Leading ASX-listed construction, maintenance and engineering organisation Saunders International (SND), returned to Artis in February 2019 to redesign and modernise their Office 365 and SharePoint Online platform.

With over 200 employees operating across domestic and international projects, Saunders depends on timely access to accurate information, effective compliance processes, reliable document control and information integrity to meet their high-quality expectations in project planning, delivery and reporting requirements. Saunders needed a new approach to managing its corporate information data and, in parallel, to cultivate a refreshed compliance workflow process.

Creating an Intranet to engage employees.

Operating in the energy, resources and infrastructure industries governed by strict standards and compliance requirements, Saunders already had a SharePoint system with a substantial amount of content. The platform was dated, lacked structure and with a clunky and complicated interface, it was no surprise the Intranet was undervalued and underused by employees.

Artis removes risk inherent in outdated document management system.

An ageing document management system is typically error prone and can expose the business to hidden risk around inadequate searchability, unreliable version control, human intensive approval provisioning and ISO compliance auditing. This meant that the data had limited utility for informing business planning and decision making. Saunders wanted to overhaul their outdated system to declutter document storage, remove administrative pressures, reduce potential reporting risks, and encourage quality-driven process and procedure adoption.

Saunders require highest standards and maximum employee engagement.

The challenge was to rebuild the Saunders SharePoint experience beyond a restructured central document repository to implement a highly-responsive design. With ISO compliance standards and employee usability in mind, Artis focused on addressing the drawbacks of the old system to formalise information management while cultivating information sharing to boost capability, productivity and collaboration.

Digging below first scope delivers extra business benefits.

Saunders kickstarted the project with a scope and tight deadline to execute within two months. They were well prepared with a visual display of how they wanted the new SharePoint site to be structured and operate. Despite being equipped with Saunders’ comprehensive brief, Artis delved deeper and embarked on a discovery phase to fully understand the legacy data environment, underlying business challenges and operational pain points. Artis took a business first approach to translate Saunders’ needs and ensure the delivered result met the technology, rather than the other way around.

If you build it, they will come…breaking new ground with SharePoint experience.

Artis worked closely with a variety of Saunders stakeholders to prioritise the project elements, keeping the team on track using their agile methodology to ensure accelerated value and that every deliverable met expectations. Working backward from desired business results and operational outcomes, central to Artis action plan was transforming to a more structured and automated portal.

“Artis were very nimble, responsive and delivered on time. They understood our business needs and could translate those requirements into technical expertise.”

– Matthew Redmond, Operations Manager, Engineering Construction & Maintenance

The revised site structure delivered maximum benefit.

Artis created a new site structure for Saunders information management policy and workflow optimisation. This enhanced document management with centralised content type indexing, programmed document numbering, retention policies, automated versioning mechanisms and efficient approval provisions. In addition to technical delivery, Artis focused on governance and compliance. Throughout the project, Artis embedded automated SharePoint governance triggers to prevent ISO compliance reporting issues that Saunders had previously experienced with its legacy system. To improve employee experience and navigation, Artis designed a new Intranet homepage and site map for advanced functionality. The integration of social media capabilities including Yammer supported team collaboration and user engagement. To go the extra mile, Artis created comprehensive user-guides to ensure user-friendly adoption of the new system.

Artis equips Saunders for future success.

The new SharePoint Online system was delivered on time and on budget, resulting in substantial benefits for Saunders.

Enhanced information integrity: In the initial discovery phase, Artis identified document and data inaccuracies resulting from ineffective version control and storage confusion. With a robust site structure, Saunders is better equipped to access accurate information and leverage company data for business planning and strategic decisions.

Improved compliance reporting: The previous system relied on individual ownership and created timeframe/workload pressures (associated with periodic reporting requirements and document versioning). The new portal features embedded failsafe alerts to trigger compliance reporting processes and automate approvals methods. Saunders team members can access and modify relevant documents, following the most current and effective procedures for adherence to.

Productivity and collaboration gains: Artis designed the new SharePoint Online system to leverage Intranet and social media functions to enhance information sharing, collaboration across teams and strong employee engagement. This investment in employee experience has led to a new way to communicate, collaborate and innovate. The result is organic growth and adoption of the site promoting increased operational productivity through interaction and streamlined workflows. Based on the success of Artis’ engagement with Saunders, future work is planned to digitally transform other business areas within the company. Artis looks forward to exploring the possibilities in partnership with Saunders.