Natural Power Solutions supercharge trajectory with Artis PowerApps

Leading independent power quality, protection and management services provider Natural Power Solutions (NPS) partnered with Artis in October 2019 to streamline their existing Dynamics 365 CRM and MYOB platform and build a system that enabled a higher degree of efficiency in quoting and sales processes to enable business growth.

With offices in Australia and New Zealand and a key client base across health, ICT, mining and energy, industrial, education, corporate and government sectors, NPS depends on remote access to accurate information, reliable data quality, trackable business development and transactional capabilities for improved calculation, visibility, forecasting and enterprise planning. NPS needed to strengthen their legacy infrastructure with a new centralised system to manage dynamic information, simplify processes for their team and power business growth.

Renovating CRM to empower employees

Operating across a range of industries, NPS works closely with global uninterrupted power supply (UPS) vendors to choose the best and most appropriate products for the changing needs of IT systems, electrical and industrial equipment of their clients. The existing Dynamics 365 CRM offered base features but with limited functionality and a confusing interface, employee uptake was lacking, and manual processes were slow.

NPS requires dynamic tools for optimised performance

Experience year on year growth in revenue and people, the challenge was to create a centralised, intuitive and scalable system to collate complex information from various sources, provide custom functionality, leveraging the legacy infrastructure. With user experience and vendor integration front of mind, Artis focused on structuring the platform around interactive process efficiencies in quote calculation, order creation, project management, reporting capabilities and overall business tracking to move away from Excel, email and transactional approaches.

Managing moving parts for maximum impact

Equipped with a comprehensive UX design brief and protype from NPS, Artis embarked on a discovery phase to understand the operational environment and underlying pain points experienced by sales reps on the road. Engaging with new and existing clients around the country, salespeople were reliant on a centralized dashboard and remote quoting capabilities with timely access to multiple vendor price points, cost, tax and margin calculations for transparency with prospects and accurate reporting and forecasting for management.

Rather than purchasing add-ons for MYOB or rebuilding Dynamics 365, Artis partnered with NPS to cocreate an automated ecosystem using the Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate) to bridge the gap between sales, manufacturing and management. The Power Platform had less coding and enabled incremental value scalability to align with NPS growth plans.

Giant leap to automation

Utilising Power Apps Artis created an interactive site with custom features to automate reporting and forecasting functions with trackable data, integrating seamlessly into Dynamics 365. The Power BI dashboard showcased information specific to the viewer and was accessible via a mobile application for regional ANZ sales members.

This enhanced information management with centralised workflow optimisation, trackable forecasting, enterprise planning, project management, business insights and decision making.

To support employee engagement and value delivery, Artis designed the system with advanced functionality. Team members were able to focus on pipeline management not paperwork, with the elimination of redundant manual practices including data entry duplication from Excel into Dynamics, researching multi-currency price points, calculating tax and preparing quotes, invoices and weekly performance reports.

“We saw immediate benefits in the applied cost against the initial quote and the business results speak for themselves. People don’t always like change but Artis helped get the buy-in of our sales team. The new system makes their jobs easier working from a single source of truth.”

– Daniel Sargent, Business Development Manager Enterprise, Natural Power Solutions.

Powering future plans

Working backwards from desired business outcomes, the high touch engagement with Artis resulted in the Power Platform system being delivered on time and under budget, generating tangible business benefits for NPS.

Improved information integrity with a robust ecosystem, NPS has full visibility of the business on a national level including portfolio management, risk identification, pricing fluctuations, individual sales performance and companywide win-ratios for strategic decisions.

NPS experienced productivity gains with a more effective way to quote, track, report and communicate. Since the launch of the new system the number of quotes generated has increased by 15 per cent with significant time saved in preparing the paperwork. Sales teams are more proactive in the management of their pipelines having access to prospect tracking, accurate pricing information, customer correspondence and their individual performance status, working in conjunction with Dynamics 365 and the quoting app. Presenting invoices, orders and forecasting to State Managers can be done within minutes rather than hours.

The result is organic growth and adoption of the Power Platform system promoting increased operational productivity through streamlined workflows. Based on the success of Artis’ engagement with NPS, future work is planned to enhance system features to continually scale with the growth of the company.