Webinar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Funds Management

Major players are currently rewriting the rules for customer engagement in the Australian financial services sector by leveraging smart digital solutions to enhance the customer experience and notch up sales. Unless the smaller funds management companies do something – and fast – they will be left behind.

But, how do you know if your organisation is ready for change? Common triggers for many companies include the realisation that…  

  • “We need to have more efficient processes…”

  • “We need to upgrade our IT systems & applications…”

  • “We need an application for…”

  • “We are losing market share to competitors…”

  • “We need financials and accounting software…”

  • “We have to integrate systems…”

  • “We need a CRM system to manage leads, opportunities, quotes, & customer accounts…”

  • “We need to do more marketing…”

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Created specifically for Funds Managers and Operations Managers, this webinar explores the need for change in funds management sales and marketing – and takes a look at what’s possible using solutions on the market today.