Artis Group is a Tech Consulting company specialising in Microsoft CRM and ERP solutions. 

We’ve got hundreds of successful customer implementations under our belt.

When the Jigsaw Pieces Don't Fit…

Worldwide studies have shown up to 40% of working time can be wasted switching between applications

Having disparate, non-integrated IT applications for different parts of your business increases the level of integration that you will be required to oversee, raises the possibility of data errors, adds costs through the duplication of effort, inhibits interoperability, produces data silos and reduces your ability to use multi-system data to make sophisticated business decisions.

All the pieces that comprise the Microsoft Eco-System, in particular all of the Dynamics 365 business solutions, come already glued together, integrated ‘out-of-the-box’.

Giving our Customers The Widest Choice

We’ve packaged our portfolio of solutions and services into five key areas

Armed with what we believe are the best-of-breed, totally integrated cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications as the foundation for our offerings, our portfolio of solutions and services span every aspect of application modernisation from ‘cradle-to-grave’ – to make it easy for our customers to pick and choose the offering that best suits their needs.

Tell Us Your Business Challenge

We've probably solved it already

In partnership with our customers, we’ve completed hundreds of successful projects. Big ones and small ones. From mission-critical projects to lending a guiding hand for a week. Across just about every sector of business.

Every project needs to start with a clear understanding of what problem needs to be solved. We’ve put together a list of the issues that customers present to Artis most often. This will make it easier for you to tell us what your particular problem is. Then we’ll be on the same page when we start talking together.

Raise your hand if you’d like to inspect the list.

Never "Us and Them"

IT projects succeed when partners collaborate

“The new system works fine but it doesn’t deliver the results currently desired by the business.” The lack of effective communication and collaboration — where business decisions are made but aren’t passed on — plays a pivotal role in tanking IT projects.

The hallmarks of all Artis projects are effective customer consultation and participation, using agile methodologies to deliver solutions iteratively, a little at a time.

Prowler Proof customer testimonial

“To continue being on the cutting edge of business systems, Prowler Proof has chosen to partner with Artis Group.

Artis Group has shown they have the technical knowledge and expertise to deliver specific integrated solutions to meet our future requirements.”

– Shane Smith, Product Manager