Webinar: Marketing Automation + Analytics Inside Dynamics 365

Webinar: Marketing Automation + Analytics Inside Dynamics 365

Discover Marketing Automation + Analytics for Dynamics 365…

Learn how to start tracking prospect and customer trends through web intelligence in our webinar: ‘Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation + Analytics’ live next week on Thursday, 15 June at 11am-12pm AEST (register here).

Hosted by our Partner Speaker from ClickDimensions, Sam Wheeler this webinar will be a 45 minute long, high level overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with ClickDimensions marketing automation, including how to:

See site visits, page views, and form captures in real time: 

The ClickDimensions service operates in real time thus showing you site visits, page views and form captures often within a second of when they occur on your site. The data is brought into Dynamics CRM so you can immediately trigger a workflow from it and/or include it in CRM reports and advanced find views.

Identify companies that visit your site:

As anonymous visitors browse your site, ClickDimensions identifies the organisations from which they are visiting as well as their location. ClickDimensions tracks all visits to as many of your websites, blogs, etc. that you want to track.

Connect visitors to your CRM records

ClickDimensions tracks every visitor on your website, attempts to discover the company/organization from which they are visiting, and reports this information to you on our marketingdashboard. When the visitor becomes identified, either by completing a form or clicking on a link in a marketing email, all his or her past anonymous browsing activity is available on their CRM record with their identified browsing behavior.

Did you know? “ClickDimensions is the only marketing automation tool that is built inside of Dynamics 365.”

Providing email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more, ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.

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