Webinar: Digitalisation needs of SMEs

Webinar: Digitalisation needs of SMEs

Digital Transformation is changing everything and impacting on how your business works, interacts, and sells. By acknowledging and embracing key digital trends, small businesses can reap the same rewards as a large enterprise.

The SAP SME Digital Transformation Webinar caters to small and medium businesses that are looking to drive their companies forward through digital transformation, to help you understand how digitisation can be a growth catalyst and capitalise on the new growth opportunities in the digital economy. The webinar will showcase customer success stories where SAP happy customer shares their transformation and best practice on how they took the strategic leap of faith and transform their business digitally through cloud-ERP innovations.

Attend the ‘Digitalisation needs of SMEs’ webinar and receive your exclusive copy of ‘Digitising IT – Catalyst for Growth’ SMB report by The Economist Intelligence Unit. (click to register)

Webinar: Digitalisation needs of SMEs

Speaker: Anthony McMahon | Senior Vice President, SVP General Business (SME) & Channels | SAP Asia Pacific & Japan

Topic: What does digital transformation mean for SME? What are the tech adoption trends by SME sector in APJ? What challenges do SMEs face while deploying digital solutions? What does the future look like for SME when it embarks on a digital transformation?

Date: 26th May, Friday

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM AEST

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