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Create, share, and find content

With SharePoint, you can easily store, sync, and share documents with people inside and outside your organisation, and co-author documents in real time with the Office apps and OneDrive for Business. Manage your shared documents, discover new content and expertise, and automate business processes. The SharePoint mobile app keeps your intranet at your fingertips wherever you are.

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Built for Business

  • Sales and Social Insights: Sales teams need tools that are familiar, intuitive, and easy to adopt to help them be more effective. Social insight can inform great customer experiences, ensuring that messages resonate while highlighting trends that impact your brand.
  • Service: Your customers are everywhere and, to serve them effectively, that’s where you need to be, too. Provide responsive, relevant, effective service—anywhere, any time, on any device. Inspire loyalty, empower agents, and drive service resolution.
  • Marketing: Plan, execute, and measure campaigns easily. Use deep customer insights help you understand how your customers are engaged, with behavioural data and advanced lead scoring, so you can drive sales impact by delivering highly qualified leads straight to your CRM.
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Artis Group SharePoint Specialisation

  • Business-Critical SharePoint: As a decision maker, you might sometimes feel that you don’t have enough information about the effectiveness and compliance of core business processes in your organisation. You might need to make decisions and manage risk without having the full information at your fingertips. Did you know that SharePoint can be used to provide visibility across the entire enterprise?
  • Architecture and Design: Artis SharePoint Consultants advise on the benefits and suitability of SharePoint and its multiple components to Clients who are assessing information sharing strategies and technologies. We offer pre-planned consulting engagements designed to get your SharePoint initiative kick started or aligned with recognised best practice. Artis consultants advise clients with existing SharePoint installations around a range of issues including upgrades to SharePoint 2013, interfaces to other Microsoft technologies (including Dynamics CRM), developing applications in and around SharePoint and the resolution of specific business issues by utilisation of SharePoint features.
  • Integration Services: Artis can advise and deliver solutions around the integration of SharePoint with your organisation’s infrastructure and application landscape. Our architects understand the requirements for robust interfaces with .Net, SQL and other non-Microsoft technologies and the need for consistency of management to drive long term benefits from your SharePoint deployment.
  • 2010 and 2013 Implementations: A number of Artis clients have seen substantial business benefits in upgrading to SharePoint 2013, by far the most complete SharePoint solution to date. Artis has expertise in large scale deployments of this technology utilising proven upgrade methodologies and techniques.
  • Governance and Business Change: A key issue for Cients in achieving the business benefits from their SharePoint investment is the establishment of an appropriate Governance regime around the use of the technology. Artis specialises in advising clients on the establishment of suitable Governance frameworks and achieving desired business change through SharePoint.
  • Management and Health Checks: Artis SharePoint Consultants rapidly review and assess your SharePoint implementation and offer sound recommendations to help you achieve the outcome you desire from your investment. Our business engagement model ensures we balance business benefits with technology solutions.
  • Document Management: We partner with ActiveDocs which designed to automate either complex or simple document-centric processes. ActiveDocs ensures communication to the highest quality levels with customers, and within organisations. Produce your documents, emails, web content, and other communications in a timely manner without error and omissions, and with minimum user interaction. An easy to configure system that can be used and run by business users.

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Work with a Trusted Microsoft CSP

Artis Group is a trusted Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) and Microsoft Gold Partner (Top 1% Globally) with proven capability in deploying, developing and supporting Microsoft Business Products including: Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint, PowerBI and custom built applications. Microsoft CSP new simplified cloud purchasing option created by Microsoft for customers.

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