NSW Health Announce 'Make Healthy Normal' Project

NSW Health Announce 'Make Healthy Normal' Project

The NSW Health officially announced the Make Healthy Normal Project today, in this NSW Health press release “NSW Health places its motto where its mouth is.”

NSW Health chief health officer Kerry Chant said the department would increase the availability of healthy foods and drinks to at least 75 per cent of what was offered.

“We are working toward a 5 per cent reduction in overweight and obesity rates in adults by 2020, and there’s no better way to start than right here on our own doorstep,” Dr Chant said.

Artis Group is proud and be working with NSW Health on the Make Healthy Normal campaign to implement technology that will support NSW Health staff and visitors by helping to increasing the availability and choice of healthy foods and drinks in NSW Health facilities.

Read the full article published on the ABC News website here: Sugary drinks being phased out of NSW health facilities in bid to curb obesity rates

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